May, 2018

Getting the Most Out of Summer

The summer months can be a time of fun, learning, and rejuvenation—or a time of boredom, frustration, and wasted time. There’s no one right way for your family to spend the long weeks of summer, but you probably do have some hopes and dreams. How can you bring those to fruition? In this issue of Thriving Life Homeschool Magazine, discover how to beat boredom, keep learning, and live intentionally for your best summer ever!

7 Fun Summer Learning Activities

Summer is just around the corner and that spells F U N! God’s awesome creation is the ultimate classroom, and spending time together learning outside is a great way to…Read

Summer for Mom

I really should have known better. I’d tangled with similar things in summers past but never learned my lesson. And there it was, just ten bucks, in the clearance basket…Read

What Does Your Family Need This Summer?

It’s the mad scramble! Late spring is the potentially crazy time of the year when many families rush to book their kids in summer activities: camps, VBS programs, sports clinics…Read

I’m Bored!

When our kids declare their boredom, it’s easy to try to fix the problem by handing them something to do. But is that the best solution? Did you know…Read

Wisely Investing in Summertime

Summer is coming. The warm, long days encourage us to slow down and break out of the normal school routine. Even if you school year-round, summer brings with it different…Read

Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

My husband was due home within the hour. On top of cleaning the house, making a celebration dinner, and baking a cake for his last day on the job and…Read

Summer R&R

My husband brought it home proudly, proclaiming this inflatable pool would make the summer great again. I immediately hated it. The pool was large, it sat lopsided, it was always…Read

Watching the Seeds

Summer. Summer! It’s just a word: summer.  You can’t hear my voice or the inflection in my tone when I say it as I write this.…Read

Summer Reading Fun for Moms and Kids

To me, summer is all about sweltering humid days, thunderstorms, a beach vacation, exploring creeks and nature trails, camping out, and visiting air-conditioned museums and movie theaters. It’s also about…Read

What Should We Do This Summer?

As homeschoolers, we’re all about flexibility and following our kids’ interests. But my wife and I recently realized that while we’re really good at listening to our kids when it…Read
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