June, 2018

Planning the New School Year

With summer here, it’s time to relax—and start planning the next school year! To enjoy a successful year, it’s important to think through our goals for each child, map out a plan, line up our resources, and understand how to respond when things don’t go quite as we expected. In this issue, we’ll help you break all of that down to take the overwhelm out of the planning process and put you in the best position possible to enjoy a great year!

Starting With the End In Mind

You know the type. Before summer even begins, she has already ordered next year’s curriculum. Lessons and activities are planned for the fall. Last year’s books are neatly put away…Read

Breaking Down the Planning Process

Ah, summer. It’s been a long school year, Mom, but now the summer sun is shining, and it’s finally time to kick back, relax… …and start planning for next year?!…Read

Five Ways to Prepare For a Great School Year

I am a person who likes to be organized and in control. In the early years of teaching our five sons, I spent the summer planning a perfect schedule (or…Read

What to Do When Our Plans Won’t Work

There is beauty in a well-organized homeschooling schedule. Planning our days helps us get things done and track our progress. But we all have days, weeks, months, and seasons when…Read

Evaluating Extracurriculars

As homeschool families, we have so many options to choose from when deciding which activities to participate in. As much as we try to ignore the criticism, we do feel…Read

Unstuffing Life

This year, we adopted seven-year-old twins. We already had four children in our four-bedroom home. Plus my husband and I share a room.  So it’s snug as a bug in…Read

Planning for Personality

Boys vs. girls. Type A vs. laid-back. Expressive vs. thoughtful. Creative vs. by-the-book. Rambunctious vs. restrained. God has made each of our children uniquely…Read

A Game Plan for Choosing Curriculum

It’s that time of year! Around mid-summer, homeschool moms begin a type of training camp to get ready for fall.Read

People Before Plans

Before I married my husband, I began a career I loved. It was not the career I had planned to have, but it was the one that I knew was…Read

Planning to Feed Your Family Well

Most parents have heard Ronald Reagan’s quote, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” We’ve read articles about our responsibility to set a fantastic atmosphere and have…Read

Planning For Change

When I first sat down to ask my husband what he thought about my homeschooling our seven-year-old child, he gave me only two rules:Read
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