July, 2018

Managing Your Stuff

In our modern culture, it's entirely too easy to accumulate innumerable possessions of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions. Before we know it, our home is cluttered, we can't find things we're looking for, and the neat, tidy home we dream of seems unattainable. Don’t despair! Decluttering and organizing might be big jobs, but it’s possible to start with some small steps—and that’s exactly what we’ll help you do this month at Thriving Life Homeschool!

Oh Give Me a Home…

How many hours do you spend every day moving your possessions from one place to another?  How much time do you spend searching for misplaced items—either yours or those of…Read

Seven Tips for Decluttering Your Home

House too small? Messes too big? How can a stay-at-home mom bring some order to that chaos while caring for active children? With my own six children, I’ve learned the…Read

Do I Really Need This Stuff?

It seems we can hardly go a day anymore without seeing someone extolling the virtues of “decluttering.” While most of us acknowledge we have “too much stuff,” getting rid of…Read
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