Matthew Lewis

Matthew was homeschooled beginning in 1990, back when publicly admitting to being homeschooled still prompted a stare that said, “You just grew a third nostril, kid,” followed by the question, “is that legal?” (Truly interested strangers would then proceed to ask “Don’t you ever miss real school?” before self-diagnosing themselves as being utterly unable to educate children.)

Despite rapidly outlearning his mother’s academic level (inadvertently requiring her to adhere rigorously to the habit of always answering questions with questions), Matthew graduated from homeschool highschool one year early. Within a short time of his brother Jonathan’s subsequent graduation, the two promptly went into the publishing business and proceeded to spend a great deal of their accumulated savings on what they eventually agreed to call, rather optimistically, “an educational experience.”

While not exactly a profitable endeavor, that first business paved the way for the whole Lewis family to go into business as a team two years later, publishing Home School Enrichment Magazine for the next fifteen years. This publication in turn gave way to Thriving Life Homeschool, which brings us to the present.

Along the way, Matthew found time to fall in love with his now-wife, Lisa. They, with their children Abigail, Chandler, and Elliott, aspire to move to some acreage someday and take up hobby homesteading. In the meantime, they enjoy their gardens and rabbits in their small but pleasant urban yard.

Matthew Lewis’s Articles:

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What Should We Do This Summer?

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