Ellen Harbin

Ellen Harbin is a Bible teacher for 20 years. Ellen and Kevin, a pastor, have been married 29 years and live in southeast Michigan. They have six children - four biological and two through adoption, plus three daughters-in-law. Ellen likes laughing, reading, deep conversations, spontaneity, and spending quality time with friends. Being a follower of Jesus is the absolute best decision she has ever made. Ellen is the founder of the STAND women’s conference and author Crisis and STAND Unashamed.

Ellen’s website: http://www.EllenHarbin.com

Ellen Harbin’s Articles:

Give Me a Break, Please

Give Me a Break, Please

Effective moms know how and when to take a break.
I take advantage of my mini-van. With only the destination in mind, I buckle myself into the driver’s seat, expecting the seven-and-a-half-year-old Dodge to do what it’s made to do: get me there. When I turn on the wipers, I expect them…Read
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