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In 2017, we surveyed homeschoolers to find out the biggest, most significant challenges being faced in the community so we could try to address them effectively.

Going into the survey, we didn't expect to hear much consensus. And, indeed, there was great variety in the responses we heard. But even within that diversity, one overall theme was overwhelmingly clear. See if you can spot it in these scenarios, all represented in the survey responses…

  • Diane struggles balancing the demands of homeschooling and housekeeping with her desire for a stronger relationship with her husband, Blake. He tries to understand, but doesn't really know where all Diane's time goes and is concerned that they never seem to connect anymore.
  • Mike and Elizabeth are so busy dealing with difficult life circumstances that they feel their kids' education is being neglected.
  • Emma, Peter, and Nathan's parents are dismayed because their kids are unmotivated, uninterested, and undisciplined in their school and life habits.
  • Robert wants a more active role in his son Evan's homeschooling, but can't seem to get their schedules to work out.
  • Nancy is at the end of her rope—and no wonder. With both in-laws living with her family due to Alzheimer's, two special-needs kids to homeschool, and her husband working two jobs just to squeak by each month, Nancy feels like she's drowning.
  • And, perhaps most typically of all, Vince and Ella feel like they have a good life with their three homeschooled children, but just can't shake a nagging feeling that things could be better—if they only knew what to do!

All the names above have been changed, but the situations are real and were represented in the survey results. And as we looked over these and many other responses, we realized most of them were saying the same thing:

“We need—we crave—more balance, margin, and effectiveness!”

In short, they homeschool because they want their families to thrive…but as so often happens, the dream comes easier than the reality.

These are all the sorts of things “self-help” books are written for.* The problem is, most of those books seem designed either for business professionals, or people who live alone and don't have to take anyone else into account for whatever changes they decide to make.

In case you hadn't realized, homeschooling is a lot different than either of those paradigms. 😊

And so, Thriving Life Homeschool Magazine was born—not to give new ideas for making learning fun, nor to provide inspiration for parents, nor even to give reassurance that “everything will be OK.” There's a place for all that, but this isn't it.

Rather, we're all about helping homeschoolers look at their entire life picture, then take positive, concrete steps to improve their lives in whatever ways are necessary. We'll talk about your mindset, habits, techniques, and much more to help you and your family grow closer to one another and to God, and to help you be more effective in your chosen path.

Ultimately, although anyone is welcome to read and benefit from the ideas published in Thriving Life Homeschool Magazine, our motivation in publishing it is to help Christian homeschoolers live their best lives for Jesus Christ. If you don't know Him, now would be a good time to listen for His call to you. And whether you're already a believer or not, please remember: The struggles and pleasures of this world are temporary, while our relationship with Jesus is eternal. Please, no matter what your situation may be, remember to put Him first!

May God bless you and yours,

The Lewis Family
Frank & Kari
Matthew, Lisa, Abigail, Chandler, & Elliott
Jonathan, Linnea, Patrick, Timothy, & Katherine


* We don't like the term “self-help” because we believe any of it that is really useful is simply the proper application of God's truths about life. Thriving Life Homeschool Magazine should therefore be understood as a tool to help homeschoolers apply God's principles of life management.

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